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Our Reflexology Services

Reflexology is a healing modality dating back to ancient Egyptian, Indian, Native American and Chinese cultures. In Reflexology areas of the body have corresponding areas on the ankles and feet. My first exposure to reflexology was to learn the map of the foot as it relates to the human body. This map was then checked for accuracy. For instance in someone with a sore shoulder, I would palpate the area on the sole of their foot beneath the little toe. With one hundred percent accuracy, the corresponding zone of the compromised area was tender or had a granular feel. The client would also experience temporary relief in the affected area if this zone was massaged or gently manipulated.

Being very intrigued by what I had learned I decided to further study Reflexology at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, and have included it in practice since 2010. Reflexology has been helpful to people dealing with stress, headaches, anxiety, PTSD and various autoimmune disorders.

My practice of Reflexology is not for diagnosis or treatment. It is simply a deeply relaxing modality promoting balance of your chi for relaxation and wellness.

“We have a tendency to believe happiness is derived from wealth and power, ignoring the mind’s function or the fact that inner serenity is the key to happiness.” – Dalai Lama