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Our Massage Services


This is a soothing massage characterized by long accentuated strokes. Mainly swedish style and incorporating other types of massage including myofascial release, deep tissue, shiatzo and neuromuscular. Prior to your session we will discuss any issues you are having which may be given extra time and attention.


A deeply relaxing technique helping to balance your chi through the meridians of your body culminating in your feet. This technique is very gentle and soothing and a treat to your parasympathetic nervous system.


A deeply relaxing massage focused on promoting comfort and optimal health to you and your baby. Massage helps to remove toxins and excessive cortisol from your body, restore a healthy ph and improve circulation. Any issues of concern will be discussed beforehand and addressed in a meaningful and appropriate manner for you and your unborn child.


A modality used to help resolve a location where a nerve may be adhered to the soft tissue causing radiating pain, referred pain or numbness. Note: this is a modality integrated with the Relaxation massage.

Myofascial Release

A slow, tissue warming modality used to loosen the fascia, a thin superficial sheet of connective tissue which can become bound to the soft tissue beneath. Note: this is a modality integrated with the Relaxation massage.

Deep Tissue

A technique used to help break up adhesions in soft tissue between layers of muscle. This promotes a healing environment by encouraging increased blood flow to the area and enabling the layers of muscle to glide over one another more easily. Note: this is a modality integrated with the Relaxation massage.